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Hey, I’m Strahinja.


I design digital products.

You have a great idea and you need to get the MVP or the product shipped before you lose your competitive advantage or before you’re out of money.

But even on the best of days, product development is about making a million different strategic decisions and navigating real life constraints.

You don't want to waste time talking about buttons, colors and UI things you don't really care about. You need someone who will help you align your goals with the real needs of your users and design viable solutions that will get you there.

And I'm your bald-headed guy.

“Within our teams, he was often the glue that bound together the product vision with the technical implementation. He is an excellent communicator with an eye for detail, and the capacity to see the bigger picture.”

– Andrew Eardley, Director of Software Development, Videotel Marine International

Why hire someone like me?

If you are early in the project life cycle

Do you have product or service ideas but don’t know where to start?

Ideation Research Strategy


Customers, who?

Do you know who your customers are? Products succeed when they solve the real needs of their customers, rarely because of the visual design or size of the feature list.


Internal alignment

Do you have clearly defined goals? Only way you're getting there with your team is if everyone involved is headed in the same direction.

If you are in the middle of the project life cycle

Are you working on too many things or does it feel like the product will never be finished?

Sprints Prototypes Systems



Does everything seem to last longer than it should? You might be spending too much time on things that don't bring value to you nor your customers.


Tactical Support

Do you get stuck in development hell for months on end? Not being able to quickly iterate and adapt to changing circumstances will lose you a lot of time and resources in the long term.

If you are near the release or in between phases

Is your product good enough?

Testing Evaluation Improving



Development is long and hard and being involved with details for too long can make you forget the big picture. Let's see where your product is at.


Quality control

Can your customers successfully use the solutions you built? Broken products can lose you customers and overwhelm your support teams.

You can reach me at